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Lean law

Maximizing value and minimizing waste is at the core of the "lean law" philosophy. More efficient and cost-effective service through collaboration, process engineering and technology. Legal expertise and precedent combined with openness to social and economic change.

What does lean practice look like at Uplawed?

1. Flat rates. Most services are based on a flat fee. Efficiency and value is at the forefront of our work - not billable time (which may not always result in value to the client).

2. Automation. Sure, legal expertise cannot be replicated by machines to the level of sophistication of a human (lawyer) brain. Many tasks can be automated, however (like setting up appointments and drafting reporting letters), leaving more time to focus on the legal aspects of the matter - thereby, bringing value to the client.

3. Process, process, process. Routine is followed as much as possible. Once a method for completing a matter has been tried and tested, it is implemented every time. Certain steps are followed on checklists. All to reduce redundancy and duplication of effort.

4. Electronic signatures. In most cases, electronic signatures are enforceable. If you don't have to come into the office to sign, we won't make you. We will simply send you a document that you can sign from your mobile device. To secure our clients' privacy, we use cyber security above and beyond what major banks use for online banking.

5. Pop-up service. Say, you are succession planning for your family and your business. You need your lawyer, financial advisor and accountant involved in the discussion. Instead of you coming to each of us separately, we set up a strategy meeting where the left hand can talk to the right. We save time by relaying information to one another. That way, you don't have to repeat yourself.

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