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Momentum Business Law is in!

Legal client services are becoming more efficient and so are the legal business structures underpinning them. At the same time, lawyers are becoming more conscious of the value their work brings to clients.

If you liked how accessible, tech-integrated, community and innovation focused Uplawed Law is, you will love Momentum Business Law ( for your business needs. Intellectual property, corporate and commercial, employment, patent, telecommunication and regulation, professional regulation, mergers and acquisitions and cross-border/U.S. law are at your fingertips at Momentum Business Law.

Last March, Uplawed Law and Momentum Business Law started their collaboration to assist clients in personal as well as business aspects of their lives. Our service practices (chosen based on our values about client service) brought us together; unbundling, flat fees (where possible), accessibility, mobility, use of safe and secure technology and application of project management principles. Our vision for supporting innovation in law solidified our relationship.

Instead of merging or one acquiring the other, our collaboration takes the form of a series of joint ventures where each client matter represents a new and exciting joint venture. We bring services to you instead of you meeting with individual lawyers separately. There is less overlap in services, seamless transfer of your information to the professionals (because you have to tell us once), every party involved is immediately informed and quantifiable action items are implemented into the service cycle as a means of facilitating conclusion of the matter.

Stay tuned for posts of our community work together. Cheers!

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